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Book Chapters

book-svyo-cndCorrado, R.R., & McCuish, E.C. (2015). Prevalence of co-offending in a sample of serious and violent young offenders. In R.R. Corrado, A. Leschied, & P. Lussier (Eds.), Serious and violent young offenders and youth criminal justice: A Canadian perspective. Burnaby, BC. Simon Fraser University Publications.


9783319087191Corrado, R.R. & McCuish, E.C. (2015). The contribution of mental health disorders to antisocial behavior pathways. In J. Morizot & L. Kazemian (Eds.), The development of criminal and antisocial behavior: Theoretical foundations and practical applications. New York, NY: Springer. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-08720-7_23


Adolescence Places 978-1-63117-847-4Corrado, R.R. & McCuish, E.C. (2015). The development of early onset, chronic, and versatile offending: The role of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and mediating factors. In M. Taylor, J.A. Pooley, & J. Merrick (Eds.), Adolescence: Places and spaces. Nova Publishers.



Corrado, R.R., Mathesius, J., & McCuish, E.C. (2012). Bullismo e cyberbullismo: Due facce della stessa medaglia. Annali della Pubblica Istruzione, 6, 17-26.

Corrado, R.R., Mathesius, J., & McCuish, E.C. (2012). The traditional bully, cyber bully, mixed bully, and the serious violent offender bully: An examination of a preliminary typology and associated intervention. In A. Baldry (Ed.), Threat assessment of bullying behaviour in youth. Rome, Italy: Minister of Education.


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